Gabriola Mountain Biking Association



Mountain Biking

We are a group of like minded people, men and women out enjoying the outdoors on Gabriola trails.

Our aim is to provide an enjoyable riding experience to riders of all skill levels.


Group expectations:

  • A mountain bike in good repair

  • A helmet that fits

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Water

  • Spare tube

Where do we ride:

  • All over the island

  • 707 Community Park

  • Yogi trails

  • Connecting trails

Our mandate:

  • No one gets left behind

  • An enjoyable experience for all concerned



Our philosophy:

To get out and enjoy the great outdoors in an active, social and inclusive environment.

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What does it take?

  • $25.00 registration

  • Open to everyone

  • Organized local rides

  • Opportunities for off island excursions

  • Meeting like minded cycling enthusiasts

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